By: Marla Watson, Publicist

Big D is blessed to have a huge part in filmmaking, locations and the overall film community. Not only do we have some of the best locations in the world (that have even been portrayed as many other places in the world, believe it or not), but we have some of the best film festivals locally and globally. This week brings the Oak Cliff Film Festival, touting a well rounded selection of films and artistic moments, for the film lover in us all.



By Marla Watson, Publicist

Everyone is always asking me “What is going on with the ‪#‎WestEndMarketplace‬ ??”…Well…its not a secret anymore…and believe me, there is a LOT of development going on right along with it. New construction, renovation and flat out cool people thinking outside of the box…My question is Have you been down here lately?

Did you know that Downtown Dallas, Inc. is just on the very edge of the Dallas West End…